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Beyond the body, beyond energy, lies a matrix of consciousness which permeates every aspect of our world.  This dynamic, ever expansive matrix forms a single field from which all conscious life flows.  This field is called the Unifield (originally referred to as The Unified Field).  All physical, mental, emotional and energetic patterns known to our world originate from this single source.  Present in our every experience, these patterns form the very fabric of our reality.  The most subtle shift or change in these patterns can yield immense expansion in our consciousness and bring enormous transformation to one’s life.    

Utilizing this knowledge, U.F.T. directly accesses the Unifield to initiate shifts within a conscious system.   A unique, non-intrusive, integrative approach to healing, this work transcends traditional therapy models to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being.

What Does A Session Entail? 

Sessions take place in a private, confidential environment.  Clients remain fully clothed and are asked to lie face up on a massage table in a comfortable position with eyes closed and attention focused internally.  The therapist then begins to evaluate, palpate, as well as integrate, fields of consciousness surrounding and permeating the client.  This can be done in a hands on or off application depending on the therapist’s level of training.  Distance sessions are also available should you be unable to physically get to a practitioner's office for a session. 

Sessions last approximately 40 to 60 minutes. Each session is unique in application, as well as experience, depending on the interactive dynamics present between client and therapist.

Prices for private sessions are determined by the individual practitioner. Sessions usually range from $55.00 to $120.00 in the Midwest region.

Experiences differ from one individual to the next.  No therapy or therapist can determine how, why or when an individual should change over time.  Accordingly, clients must define for themselves how their consciousness integrates and changes as a result of this work.  For this reason, therapists are trained not to define or project their perceptions or expectations into a client’s experience.

Therapists often request that new clients follow up between forty-eight to seventy-two hours after the initial visit to discuss any additional “shifts” that may have occurred in the interim.

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What Have Others Experienced? 

Since the therapy works with integrating new patterns of consciousness, changes can be experienced on a variety of levels over varying amounts of time. Here is an abbreviated list of transformations clients have reported after receiving Unifield Therapy session(s):

·      increased overall health 

·      decreased stress

·      alleviation of physical pain

·      diminished or complete elimination of symptoms from chronic and acute conditions

·      expanded mental and emotional clarity

·      increased energy levels

·      new senses of personal empowerment and freedom

·      an expanded sense of self

·      and more (click here to view a more detailed list)  

How Often Should I Receive A Unifield Therapy Session? 

Each individual determines the number and frequency of sessions based on his or her goals for expanding consciousness. Though physical healing is not the goal of Unifield Therapy, many people utilize sessions seeking change in physical conditions.  Others, however, implement these sessions as part of an ongoing journey, challenging the boundaries of their previous growth to acquire new levels of expansion and freedom.  Most recipients notice significant change in as few as four to six sessions.

How Did Unifield Therapy Develop? 

Unifield Therapy, originally know as Unified Field Therapy, was developed by Michael N. Linkogel as a result of twenty years of study, research, application and exploration into the depths and structure of human consciousness.  In 1999 Michael began a private practice in St. Louis, MO sharing his work with clients and local therapists.  People were so deeply impacted many began asking how they could access this source for themselves.  The outpouring of that question led to the creation of the Unifield Therapy training/certification.  In 2003 Shifting Consciousness, L.L.C. was formed to provide seminars, lectures, workshops and training programs to the general public and health care community.  The single focus of all programs is freedom through conscious living.  To this day, Michael along with a growing community of U.F.T. practitioners and Shifting Consciousness, L.L.C. continues to share this amazing work, aiding people on their personal journeys of self-discovery, transformation and healing.

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